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Mavens Get Paid for Recommendations and Businesses Grow

When a successful referral takes place, the Maven is rewarded, the business grows, and the customer gets a great deal.

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    Create deals to encourage customers to try your product or service.

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    Share deals with friends, colleagues and acquaintances and get paid for your referrals.

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    Redeem referral codes and get access to great deals.

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A win-win-win for everyone involved

Give and receive referrals - Anywhere you are.

Desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile. Your LocalMaven
dashboard is everywhere you need it to be.

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LocalMaven seamlessly tracks the giving and receiving of word-of mouth referrals. We connect businesses with networks of promoters, or “Mavens”, who are empowered to share exclusive deals that businesses create to attract customers.

Our public deals feature gets Mavens started right away, by showing deals that can be shared immediately. Mavens can also gain access to more exclusive deals that businesses offer to their private network.

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Deals in your back pocket.

Everyone loves a deal, and combined with a personal referral it's even more powerful.

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Deals get shared by email, text, or via social media with a unique referral code that tracks everything. A personal recommendation combined with a great deal increases the likelihood that your referral gets accepted. When a customer redeems their deal at the business, the business grows and the Maven earns a commission.

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Read What Others are Saying

  • “LocalMaven isn’t just for people looking to make money, it’s also a convenient and cost-effective way for small and local businesses to spread the word about their products and services.”

  • “LocalMaven has created an online marketplace where businesses can connect with those experts [Mavens], offering them a commission in exchange for promoting discounts and other deals. Every time a maven recommends a deal to a friend, colleague, or random person they met on the street, they use a unique promotional code, so it’s easy to track which recommendations actually lead to a sale — and then to pay the maven for each sale.”

  • “The Manhattan-based startup's approach is a new twist on a concept that has grown stale as restaurants, bars and retailers have learned the hard way that providing steeply discounted coupons for their goods and services doesn't necessarily create new loyal customers.”